• "Food Safety is OUR Responsibility to our Customers."

    1. Keep your hands clean.
    - Wash hands whenever necessary.
    - Sanitize.

    2. When in doubt, throw it out.
    - Discard all items that are past their shelf life or holding time.
    - Left-overs must NOT be served on the next day's operation.

    3. Keep hot foods HOT & cold foods COLD, or do not keep them at all.
    - Maintain proper temperature settings in both storage (ex. Freezer) areas & holding equipment (ex. Hot Bain Marie) to keep the ingredients fresh upon serving.

    4. "Is It Done Yet?" Follow proper cooking time & temperature.
    - Cook all food items according to specified minimum cooking time & temperature.
    - Use calibrated thermometer in measuring internal food temperature.

    5. Clean As You Go.
    - Prevent microorganisms & other possible contaminants from harming your food.
    - Keep the entirety of your store (equipment & utensils, storage & surroundings) clean & free not only from visible dirt & food residue but from the unseen dangerous microorganisms as well.

    These five basic food safety & sanitation practices are our tools in upholding the core value of food safety. We encourage you all to practice them consistently.