• Business Overview - Food Station
  • Concept
    • An expanded kiosk outlet for SMOKEY's offering more products and a dining area.

    Area Size
    • At least 30 sq.m.

    • Commercial and business districts

    • Malls and convergence areas

    Target Market
    • 22-35yo; AB to Broad C SEC

    • Those leading a busy and hectic lifestyle

    • Working class, private and government employees, yuppies, call center agents

    • Complete Smokey's line-up highlighting on HOTDOG COMBINATIONS

    • Breakfast; Appetizers; Pastas, Salads and rice meals

    • Retail packs of premium sausages, dressings

    Mood / Tonality
    • Young, dynamic and hip; Friendly & FUN

    Initial Capital
    • Approximately Php 700,000.00.
      This includes fees for the franchise, construction, equipment, and other supplies

    • What to do when franchising
    • Smokey's Station Flyer