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  • Smokey's Historical Background

    Smokey's is one of the leading and growing businesses in the fast-food industry. The business offers a wide variety of hotdog-based products, from plain hotdogs to our delectable sandwiches and hotdog combinations, which are freshly prepared and sold at reasonable prices. With its great food and quality service, Smokey's maintains its competitive edge withstanding the growth of similar fast food establishments even up to the present time.

    Pure Foods was the company responsible for the creation of Smokey's. It started originally as a business unit of the Processed Meat Division, which was then known as the Franchise Department. But by the year 1982, Smokey's was conceptualized and developed bearing two (2) objectives in mind:

    1. To expand it business into the fast-food industry via franchise outlets specializing in hotdog-based food items and likewise utilizes technical advantage of formulating and producing products which can be supplied by its existing business units;

    2. To provide the opportunity for the Filipino entrepreneurs to engage in professionalized retail food outlets all over the Philippines.

    Having been engaged in the business of franchising hotdog kiosk, mini-counters and carts, specializing in hotdog products, the birth of Smokey's marked yet another unwavering success for Pure Foods by tapping independent entrepreneurs for its expansion while maintaining an unchallenged market leadership in its major product categories, foremost of which are hotdogs.

    Smokey's Then

    The first outlet of Smokey's was opened on November 1982 at the Quad Car Park in Makati City. It was then called Smokey's Sausage World. After its successful launch, Smokey's franchise became popular to independent business entrepreneurs and since then, Smokey's can be seen all over the metro. Its key locations were malls, office buildings and establishments, and hospitals. By the year 1989, it instituted its provincial expansion, which catapulted its nationwide feat.

    Smokey's Now

    In the year 2002, the collaboration of the two largest companies in the country took place. Pure Foods, the top manufacturer of meat products, was integrated with the country's number one brewery corporation, San Miguel. Hence, it is now known as San Miguel-Pure Foods Corporation.